What is BLOCKCAINITUP all about?

We focus on USE CASES!

That is what the BLOCKCHAINITUP blog is all about: focusing on Blockchain use-cases:

  • Those in Operation
  • Those being developed and,
  • Those being conceived or though about for the industries listed

The very first use case for ‘The Internet’ was: e-mail…..it has obviously grown exponentially since that time. 

How is the Internet working these days?  Very well.

More than 30 years later, the internet is now morphing by using Blockchain and adding a new chapter to the internet story.   This blog helps you visualise different ways this can be done.

NB:  One application / use-case has been operating for years: crypto currency.  Blockchain use-cases for that industry are so far advanced that a special section of this blog is dedicated to just focusing on that topic.

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