Month: February 2018


Charities Aid Foundation ( has highlighted two applications which can be applied in the charities/philanthropy environment: Disburse and Alice      ...

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No Nonsense Overview of Blockchain in Charities with Use Cases

Here is an excellent, brief article which addresses at a high level some of the ‘more wild’ claims about blockchain and how it relates to charities. The first paragraph reads thus, and is a good synopsis: “Claims range from it being the solution to the problems the charity sector didn’t know it had, an existential threat to charities’ very existence, or a flash in the pan that is not worth worrying about. None of these are quite right. Blockchain technology is not about to solve any problems (real or imagined) the sector has with public trust and charities are...

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Blockchain and Charities

It has been claimed that Blockchain could certainly be a game changer for the Charity & Philanthropy industry, and we agree.  Tough we believe that the most profound impact will be in areas not readily seen, and that the changes will happen only gradually over the coming years. That said, there have recently been ‘doom and gloom’ prognosticators saying that Blockchain will do away the charity “industry” as we know it.  However we believe that those predictions are not only premature, they ignore the fact that there will still be a need for individual players who are both  familiar...

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